Swans under Snow


Swans under Snow by Mikho Mosulishvili

Genre: Short-short stories in a style of traditional Japanese storytelling ‘Zuihitsu’ and with Satori (“enlightenment”)

The text in original language (Georgian)

  • Word count – 35 345
  • Characters (with spaces) per page – 1,800
  • Characters (with spaces) per all pages – 261,780
  • A hypothetical number of pages – 261,780 ⁚ 1,800 = 145.43
Illustration by Irena Kvaliashvili for miniature 'Swans under the snow', May 30, 2007

Illustration by Irena Kvaliashvili for short-short story ‘Swans under snow’ by Mikho Mosulishvili, May 30, 2007

‘Everything started by a word and a word will end it all.’

Mikho Mosulishvili

Zuihitsu (“follow the brush”) is a genre of Japanese literature consisting of loosely connected personal essays and fragmented ideas that typically respond to the author’s surroundings. The name is derived from two Kanji meaning “at will” and “pen.” As a genre largely focused on personal writing and contemplation, zuihitsu writings tend to explore issues reflective of attitudes pervasive at the time of their composition.

The author from the Post-Soviet period of Georgia Mikho Mosulishvili tries to write his extraordinary short-short stories with the Satori (“enlightenment”) method  in meditative practice a Zen – internal personal experience of experience of comprehension of true nature (person) through achievement of “a condition of one thought”.

He observes subjects or phenomenons longest time, sometimes for years and when they is “enlightenment” unusually, – only then writes. For example:

The River of the Soul

(Short-short story by Mikho Mosulishvili)

If you, weary of the dim, harassing life decide to spend some of your miserable time at the river, it will surely bring along your corpse. But where are you going to be then? Still on the bank or will the Soul River drift you away? 

Whooper Swans In Snow is a photograph by Teiji Saga and Photo Researchers which was uploaded on April 13th, 2012

Whooper Swans In Snow is a photograph by Teiji Saga and Photo Researchers which was uploaded on April 13th, 2012

You can look and read 105 more approximately of such short-short stories in the book Mikho Mosulishvili ‘Swans under snow’.


  • Tbilisi, Georgia: Saari Publishing,  2004 – ISBN: 99940-29-30-4
  • Ludwigsburg, Germany: Pop Verlag, 2017 – ISBN: 978-3-86356-170-3



Schwane im Schnee_2017

Collection of Miniatures – Swans Under Snow

Author: Mikho Mosulishvili
Ilustrator: Irena Kvaliashvili
Publisher: Pop Verlag, 2017
Language: German
Translator: Joachim Britze, Irma Britze-Shiolashvili