Flight without a Cask


‘Flight without a Cask’ by Mikho Mosulishvili

Genre: Picaresque novel, Action fiction, Adventure fiction


The text in original language (Georgian)

  • Word count – 48 093
  • Characters (with spaces) per page – 1,800
  • Characters (with spaces) per all pages – 350,444
  • A hypothetical number of pages – 350,444 ⁚ 1,800 = 194.69

Ananke Oro Kajja

The title of the novel “Flight Without a Cask” is a paraphrase of Goethe’s “Faust”: If Doctor Faust needed a cask of wine basement to fly to the sky, the characters of the novel find a joint of marijuana enough for their flight.
The novel develops in Tbilisi of 2000s during the post-Soviet distress.
Dito Kinkladze, a 30-year-old singer living in the old town, wants to marry his girlfriend Marishka, an artist.
Marisha receives a proposal from a woman who promises to exhibit thirty of her works in Dresden, Bonn and Munich, and requests eleven thousand USD in exchange.
Dito takes a bank loan in exchange for his five-room apartment and pays the woman who takes both the money and Marishka’s thirty paintings and they never hear from her again.
To prevent the bank to sell his apartment, Dito with his friends starts stealing cars and sells them on the territories of Georgia which are not controlled by the state.
Soon Dito finds out that Mariska got married with a German millionaire and went to Germany with him. Dito sells his Kalashnikov, with that money bribes the mediators to obtain a visa and goes to Germany to find Mariska.
After arriving to Fankfurt, Dito is sent to a refugee camp where he is soon joined by his Georgian friends. He also gets acquainted with Nigerian drug dealers and starts selling drugs in addition to stolen goods. This way he manages to pay the bank loan and saves his apartment in Tbilisi.
In Dito’s apartment the police find a pile of drugs and stolen goods and he is forced to return to Georgia. In the meantime, Dito’s friends find out that a yacht club where Marishka works is an illegal brothel. Dito and his friends ambush Marishka and her bodyguards next to the yacht club and kidnap her.
Dito decides to punish Marishka and forces her to attend his six friends as she serves her other clients. After all six of them rape Marishka, Dito takes her in his car and leaves her beaten in the street while she is laughing at him saying that his friends are better in bed than him.
Dito and his friends in drugs are driving back to Tbilisi. Once back in their city they find out that the owner of the illegal yacht club has arrived to Georgia and has established a radio station through which he plans to carry out a beauty contest in order to send the top girls to his brothel. Dito and his friends end up working for this radio station. Finally, Dito receives a letter from his Nigerian friends through which he finds out that the owner of the illegal yacht club has opened same radio station in Nigeria and his friends work there. As for Marishka, she is found drowned in river Dunai under unclear circumstances.

no onePublished

  • Georgia, Tbilisi: Sulakauri Publishing, 2001 – ISBN: 99928-914-2-4
  • Georgia, Tbilisi: ‘Gumbati-2007’ Publishing, 2011 – ISBN: 978-9941-0-3160-1


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