Christmas Goose with Quince


Christmas Goose with Quince by Mikho Mosulishvili

Genre: Comic thriller / 3 men, 2 women, 1 horse / full length, 1 acts

Word count: 9 850

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Christmas Goose with Quince (Comic thriller) is a 2012 stage play.

In one ordinary, but got to a big debt, a family of Newlyweds (the husband Michael Danser and the wife Helen Quince) were very lucky, to them the owner of that consortium (Bonifacius) where they work with indecent desire goes the guest for a congratulation of Christmas.

Because of offered a large number of money a young married couple is compelled to serve and will execute all humiliating requirements from his strange guest, the owner of consortium, Gabriel Bonifacius, then because of it when Helen and Michael feel torment oneself, Newlyweds kill Bonifatius.

At this time to newlyweds come Michael’s parents, Carlo and Rosalia for a congratulation Christmas too.

When they learn that newlyweds killed Bonifatius, at first they want to hide Helen and Michael, but then start thinking about own wellbeing and begin calls in police. But as it becomes clear, the visitor of consortium didn’t die, it we live also healthy leaves the refrigerator where murderers hid his sawn parts of a body. It appears that Bonifatius not the person, but it is an angel who asks everything what sometimes to reflect that we do.



* Iliauni Theatre, Tbilisi, director Guram Bregadze, 2009

* Rustavi Drama Theatre (Georgia), director Guram Bregadze, 2013



* Georgia, Tbilisi: Saari Publishing, 2010 –

* Germany, Berlin: Theater der Zeit, 2015 – Micho Mosulischwili „Weihnachtsgans mit Quitten“ –

Theater der zeit

Georgian Drama

Publisher: Theater der Zeit GmbH, 2015
Translator: Natia Mikeladze, Anastasia Kamarauli, Maia Liparteliani, Sussane Schmidt

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